Dangercord Rules

If your report breaks these rules, we have the right to delete the report indefinitely.

§1 - Reporting users

§1.1 - Spamming or Abuse

Spamming reports to a user using client or API will result to a restriction meaning that you can not report anymore. Appealing can be done 30 days after getting restricted from reporting.

§1.2 - Useless reports

Useless reports will be deleted by the staff without a notification. This includes but is not limited to: insults, no clear reason and/or evidence, trolling, and test reports.

§1.3 - Personal Information

Do not expose any user's personal information. This includes but is not limited to: real name, face, street address, phone number.

§1.4 - Testing Reports

If you plan to use our API, we only allow test reports to these IDs provided: "643945264868098049" and "669627189624307712". Test reports made to other user's will be deleted.

§2 - Bulk Reports

§2.1 - Reporting raid bots

Do not report raid bots if the raid happened over 60 days ago, unless the raid bots are still active.

§2.2 - Spamming or Abuse

Misusing the bulk report feature is prohibited and will result to a permanent report blacklist, and it can not be appeared for now.

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