What is Dangercord?

Dangercord, formerly known as Dangerous Discord, was created to help protect Discord users from bad actors. As a platform that connects millions of users across the globe, Discord unfortunately has its share of bad actors who seek to harm others. That's why we've created Dangercord, a user-powered reporting system that allows you to alert others of suspicious or harmful behavior.

Who runs Dangercord?

Dangercord was originally created by Drivet Development as a more UX-friendly version of it's predecessor, Dangerous Discord User Database (DDUB). It is now maintained and run by Vaccinator Security, a nonprofit cyber-security group that is dedicated to making online communities safer.

How can I help?

Dangercord is a community-powered project, and we need your help to keep it running. If you'd like to help, you can report a user via their profile page, and if you wish to help support the project, you can donate to Vaccinator Security.

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