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Dear DDUB user.

With all the sadness, unfortunately DDUB has been shut down as of February 1st. This was publicly announced on January 10th on Riverside Rocks' Discord server.

We are sad to hear this announcement since we had alot of fun making third-party tools such as DUP, which made reporting possible from Discord to DDUB. Also we made a tool that reported spammers from Beemo Discord bot to DDUB.

After we heard the announcement, we decided to restart Dangercord's servers with the latest backup (2 months).

We wont be migrating reports from DDUB's database to here for various reasons, we wont disclose the reason.

API Users

If you were a user of DDUB's API, you can migrate over to our API by going here:

The reporting works in the same way expect we only allow using body instead of params.


If you have any questions, feel free to join Riverside Rocks' Discord server, and ask Riverside Rocks.

You can also join Dangercord's Discord server:

- Slayer, Written on January 15th 2022. Updated on January 23rd 2022.

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